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You got where you are today by going beyond, taking the road less travelled, mapping your route to success and by working harder to get there. ExecuService mirrors that corporate philosophy and goes beyond the norm to get you to where you want to go.

The Philosophy of ExecuService

Living up to your expectations has been the route we have always taken.  It is why we have become:

The preferred provider of ground transportation solutions for local and visiting executives from the corporate and energy sectors and for government officials for well over three decades.

Beyond the average car rental company

A full suite of corporate ground transportation services and the calibre of service you expect.  At Southern Sales Car Rentals, we have a name for it - ExecuService.

Just ask any of the countless executives who, over the past 30 years, have either driven our rental and leased vehicles or have been driven by our competent drivers. 

Ensuring your satisfaction by responding to your needs and meeting your demands for service is the reason for our continued cornering of the long-term corporate vehicle leasing market.  It is also why, along the way, we have continuously added new services, venturing beyond the boundaries of the average car rental company to offer our corporate clients a comprehensive corporate package of flexible, reliable, value-added vehicle rental, leasing and ground transportation options we now call ExecuService.

Our brands
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